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Our team consists of a few humble guys from New Hampshire and Massachusetts. All friends and most of them are in their 30s, don’t expect much from these guys, but expect to be surprised.


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Made at home with a mix of paraffin wax and other ingredients. This wax is small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket and between your wheels and deck, helping prevent wheel bite. Made in two sizes: smaller for on the go movements when you don’t want a backpack and larger for all other occassions.


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About Us

Everyday Skate Wax Co. is made in Manchester, New Hampshire. The owner, Josh, started a carrier in advertising as a graphic designer and, through different projects, was able to learn enough HTML to figure out the rest. Coding websites is fun, but coding according to other companies’ guidelines is restricting. The products are real, but the point of Everyday is to keep pushing on the digital front. This website will constantly be changing, and the techniques learned while developing this site will be transferred to other projects.

About Us

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